Executive Assistant Resume Example

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Katerina Frye
Written by Katerina Frye • Last updated on Mar 16, 2021
Executive Assistant Resume Example
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Executive Assistant
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Executive Assistants

How to Write a Summary for an Executive Assistant

  1. Mention your previous experience. Did you work as an administrative assistant? What industries have you worked in?
  2. Describe your greatest strength. Are you a master at organization? Are you prompt and efficient?
  3. Quantify your experience. How many employees have you managed? How big is the budget that you oversee?

How to List Your Work Experience as an Executive Assistant

  1. Use reverse chronological format. List your most recent jobs first, as this shows managers how you’ve gained experience in the industry. 
  2. Use action verbs related to being an Executive Assistant. Verbs are critical to demonstrating what you can do for the company. Review the following list for some powerful examples.
  • Arranged
  • Communicated 
  • Maintained 
  • Managed 
  • Organized 
  • Planned
  • Provided 

See our list of over 350 action verbs to find more.

Senior Level Work Experience as an Executive Assistant

  • Managed Executive’s every-changing schedule, including scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Prioritized and managed conflicting appointments using keen judgment to streamline daily, weekly and monthly recurring calendar events 
  • Arranged domestic and international travel arrangements and Visa processing, including booking flights and ground travel, confirming hotel, dinner reservations and preparing itineraries 
  • Communicated with internal and external customers, prospects, partners and vendors while exhibiting the highest degree of professionalism
  • Managed executive expenses using Concur expense tracking system
  • Created and tracked purchase orders, contract negotiations, and booked locations for offsite meetings 
  • Coordinated and planned for major holiday events (Christmas, Halloween, Octoberfest) and big events like Pride participation
  • Anticipated the needs of the Executive and took action accordingly

Junior Level Work Experience as an Executive Assistant

  • Answered and directed phone calls
  • Organized and scheduled appointments
  • Planned meetings and recorded detailed minutes
  • Wrote and distributed email, correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms
  • Assisted in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports
  • Developed and maintained a filing system
  • Updated and maintained office policies and procedures
  • Ordered office supplies and researched new deals and suppliers
  • Maintained contact lists
  • Booked travel arrangements
  • Submitted and reconciled expense reports
  • Provided general support to visitors
  • Acted as the point of contact for internal and external clients
  • Liaised with executive and senior administrative assistants to handle requests and queries from senior managers

How to List Your Skills as an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants need to be organized and efficient.  

  • Organization
  • Communication 
  • Time-Management
  • Critical thinking 
  • Problem-Solving
  • Computer Skills
  • Prioritization 

How to List Your Education as an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants generally require a bachelor’s degree, though some companies will hire individuals with high school diplomas as long as they have 5+ years of experience. 

Requirements for licensure vary by state but generally involve the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Clerical and administrative experience 
  • Complete a background check

Certifications are not mandatory, but can improve your chances of landing the job. 

Executive Assistant Career Overview

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Executive Assistants is decreasing at 10% per year, because companies are increasingly replacing Executive Assistants with Administrative Assistants -- who are cheaper.

Average Salary 

Executive Assistants make $62,920 per year on average. However, salaries could be as high as $74,460 depending on  experience, certifications, and location. 

Top Paying Salaries by State

  • $73,970 -- District of Columbia
  • $73,450 -- New York
  • $73,410 -- Connecticut

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