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Katerina Frye
Written by Katerina Frye • Last updated on Mar 16, 2021
Barista Resume Example
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Baristas prepare and serve coffee, tea, and other related beverages. They work in cafes, restaurants, and coffeehouses. 

How to Write a Summary for a Barista

  1. Mention your previous experience. Do you have experience in the food service industry? Do you know a lot about coffee types and tastes? 
  2. Describe your greatest strength. Are you quick and efficient at making beverages? Is your customer service top-notch? 
  3. Explain why you’re eager to work as a barista. Do you love the bustle of busy mornings? Are you a people-person? A coffee connoisseur? 

How to List Your Work Experience as a Barista

  1. Use reverse chronological format. List your most recent jobs first, as this shows managers how you’ve gained experience in the industry. 
  2. Use action verbs related to being a Barista. Verbs are critical to demonstrating what you can do for the company. Review the following list for some powerful examples.
  • Answer
  • Clean
  • Create
  • Explain
  • Maintain 
  • Make 
  • Mix
  • Prepare
  • Recommend 
  • Serve

See our list of over 350 action verbs to find more.

Senior Level Work Experience as a Barista

  • Ensured that storefront and machines are clean and in working order
  • Took stock of inventory and ordered new supplies as needed
  • Created employee schedules 
  • Trained 15 baristas in beverage preparation, machine use, and customer service
  • Greeted and served over 250+ customers a day with punctuality and friendliness
  • Memorized drink orders for regular customers in order to enhance brand loyalty 
  • Provided accurate and detailed information about coffee flavors, brews, tea types and pastries 
  • Coordinated supply deliveries and ensured all products were received
  • Maintained money management for the store to ensure all registers, safes, deposits, and change orders are completed in timely manner
  • Supported the manager in running a professional and clean business that meets all regulations and standards
  • Took customer orders and conveyed them to other employees
  • Ensured all goods, pastries, and coffees were properly labeled

Junior Level Work Experience as a Barista

  • Prepared and served drinks to over 300+ customers a day
  • Answered customer inquiries about brews and flavors
  • Bartended hot and cold beverages 
  • Greeted customers and provided information for specials and promotions
  • Setup advertisement displays for new incoming merchandise, beverages and bakery items
  • Recommended brews and flavors to specific customer tastes
  • Demonstrated food and drink beverage knowledge
  • Prepared espresso shots and speciality coffee drinks
  • Regularly cleaned coffee machines, tables and chairs, counters, bathrooms, and other surfaces
  • Replenished and rotated front of the house items to maintain proper inventory

How to List Your Skills as a Barista

Baristas need to be friendly and personable, but also efficient and knowledgeable about their products. 

  • Customer Service
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Teamwork 
  • Cash Register Skills
  • Coffee Brewing Skills
  • Coffee Knowledge 

How to List Your Education as a Barista

Baristas require a GED or high school diploma, though some chains -- such as Starbucks -- will hire people in high school. There are also barista training courses available, which can teach you about different types of brews and machines. Seven online courses can be found here

Requirements to become a barista vary by state but generally involve the following:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Complete a background check
  • Take online courses to broaden your knowledge base 

Barista Career Overview

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Food and beverage serving and related workers is growing at 14% per year, which is considered to be growing much faster than average. In 2018 there were 5,406,600 jobs available.

Average Salary 

Baristas make $21,750 per year on average. However, salaries could be as high as $14.26/hour depending on the state and restaurant.

Top Paying Salaries by State

  • $35,240 -- Hawaii
  • $32,570 -- District of Columbia
  • $31,010 -- Washington

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