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What is a modern resume?

Modern resumes have sleek designs that convey a sense of calm collectedness. These resumes are fresh and bold with elegant fonts and clean lines. Colors are incorporated in tasteful moderation, boasting creativity while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism.  

Modern resumes help you appear contemporary and trendy. This is great if you’re applying to a relatively new company or one that has a contemporary culture. 

Tip: Use colors in a way that highlights important parts of the resume without making it hard to read. For example, the body of the resume should always be black, but use blues, greens, purples, or even reds to color the titles of your sections. For more information on when to use colors — and which colors are appropriate — read our advice for choosing colors for your resume.

 When to use a modern template?

As mentioned above, individuals applying to new companies, such as startups, or to companies with a young audience or product should use modern resumes. Similarly, professionals in the tech, IT, marketing, design and media fields can benefit from modern resumes. 

Modern resumes are also ideal if you’re looking to present yourself as fresh and innovative. The bold, stylish designs will capture a recruiter’s attention and may even buy your resume a few more precious seconds of their attention. 

Tip: A modern resume template can pique a recruiter’s interest, but keeping it there can prove tricky. Use strong action verbs to detail your work experiences and skills. For ideas, check out our list of action-packed verbs.

10 key points of a modern resume format

  1. Color. Modern resumes rely on striking colors such as blue, green, and purple to highlight important pieces. This keeps the recruiter organized and attentive while reading. 
  2. White Space. The resume body is evenly balanced by the white space. Since modern resume templates employ bold design elements, standard margins and clean space keep the sections clear and legible. 
  3. Stylish Fonts. The fonts are tastefully fashionable, helping the resume glitter amidst its duller brethren. These fonts also provide an air of freshness while still maintaining professionalism.  
  4. Strong Header. Modern resumes make your name and contact information the center of the resume. This bolded or flashy header demonstrates your confidence and reminds the reader of your credentials (i.e., doctor or CPA). 
  5. Headshot or Logo. Many modern resumes include a headshot or logo in order to develop personal branding. This also reminds the recruiter that you are indeed a real-life person, which can help you feel more relatable.
  6. Room for Experiences. The modern resume strategically uses design elements in order to amplify the body of the resume itself. This means your work experiences become the focal point, and you should list all relevant certifications and education experiences. 
  7. Strong Verbs. Since the main focus is on what you’re saying, you need to use strong verbs that convey your abilities. Check out our list of 350+ action verbs to make your resume more effective.  
  8. Clean Lines. The modern resume template incorporates lines and other design features in order to organize the resume. These elements break the resume sections into chunks, which improves readability and saves the recruiter from feeling overwhelmed.  
  9. Hobbies. Modern companies claim to be interested in who “you” are as a person in order to see if you fit their culture. This means you can list a few relevant hobbies on your resume. For example, if you work in the marketing industry, note that you enjoy art or reading. For more information, check out How to Include Hobbies on Your Resume
  10. Profile Summary. Write a concise summary about your qualifications and how it relates to the position you’re seeking. The modern resume template places this summary at the top so as to catch the attention of the recruiter and entice them into reading the rest of your resume. So, it’s imperative that your summary sparkles!

Where to download a modern resume template?

Easy Resume offers a variety of modern resume templates suited to all industries and levels of experience.

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