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Flor Ana Mireles
Written by Flor Ana Mireles • Last updated on Jun 10, 2021
Delivery Driver Resume Example
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Delivery Driver
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Living in a fast-paced world, delivery drivers are essential.

In fact, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, delivery driver and truck driver jobs are growing faster than usual, with a 5% growth rate.

Currently, in the United States, there are over 1,506,000 jobs. That's a lot!

With that said, if you're looking to become a delivery driver or expand your delivery driver resume, you've come to the right place.

Our 5 step guide is sure to drive hiring managers to your resume and help you land the delivery driver job.

Here's what we will be covering:

  1. Formatting your resume
  2. Writing a resume summary
  3. Describing your work experience
  4. Listing your key skills
  5. Adding your education

1. Format your resume like a professional

As we mentioned earlier, delivery driver positions are growing rapidly. Therefore, you may experience some competition when applying for a new job as a delivery driver.

Therefore, it is important to correctly format your resume.

Be sure to include the following sections in your resume:

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education
Tip: If you have free space in your resume after including the aforementioned details, feel free to include sections like languages and certifications.

There are three ways to choose from to correctly format your resume:

  1. Reverse-chronological, which emphasizes your previous work experience
  2. Functional, which highlights your key skills
  3. Hybrid, which combines the previous formats

As a delivery driver, ideally, your resume will be in a reverse-chronological format so that your previous work experience is highlighted.

Tip: Just because your work experience is the center of your resume doesn't mean you can't include key skills. In fact, you should include them in your resume, too, even if just on the side.

We also recommend you include keywords from the actual job listing you're applying for so that your resume and application are picked up by keyword detectors that some companies use to sift through applications.

Take a look at our guide on how to format your resume if you want to learn more.

2. Write a resume summary that drives hiring managers to your resume

Resume summaries are not necessary elements to resumes, but they can make a difference in the application process and can help you to stand out among other delivery drivers applying.

A resume summary is a 1-2 sentence blurb that summarizes the important stuff on your resume. Including a resume summary shows hiring managers that you don't want to waste their time. It also makes your resume look more professional, which can help you land the job.

Now, when it comes to writing a resume summary, it's important to include the following:

  • Years of experience
  • Achievements
  • Personal characteristics
Tip: Sometimes, it's easier to write your resume summary after you have already written your resume. That way, you can pick and choose what you want to include.

Here's an example of what your resume summary can look like as a delivery driver:

Punctual and reliable delivery driver with 4 years of experience delivering goods under strict deadlines in fast-paced environments and driving brand loyalty through increased productivity.

Need more help writing a professional resume summary? Our guide on writing resume summaries has tons of examples.

3. Describe your work experience

Perhaps the most important part of your resume as a delivery driver is your work experience. You want to showcase to hiring managers that you have previous experience delivering goods and are reliable and punctual.

Therefore, what you include and how you describe it is crucial.

When it comes to working experience, it is important to go in reverse-chronological order. This shows hiring managers your most recent job experience and what you learned or mastered in that job.

When listing your work experience, it is also important to include the following:

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Time worked
  • Job location
  • Job description

All in all, perhaps the most important of the aforementioned elements as a delivery driver would be the job descriptions.

Tip: When listing your work experience, it's also important to highlight the specifics you did on the job and use good verbs.

If you're unsure of what descriptions to include, don't worry.

Here are some job descriptions you can include in your resume under work experience as a delivery driver:

  • Followed OSHA guidelines to minimize exposure risks, and protect deliveries
  • Provided prompt and professional service to customers and professionals
  • Safely operate equipment, including forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks, while following strict safety guidelines
  • Made local deliveries with a company vehicle
  • Loaded and unloaded trucks
  • Maintained inventory accuracy
  • Maintained a neat, safe, and organized work environment
  • Provided timely and accurate service
  • Communicated from the field with the dispatcher
  • Maintained a clean driving record while delivering to customers
  • Treated the customers like you would your family and friends;
  • Read a map and found my way around the delivery areas
  • Kept uniform clean every day
Tip: Even if you've only worked as a delivery driver for companies like Postmates, UberEats, Grubhub, or DoorDash, include these jobs on your resume, too.

Want more tips and tricks on how to write your work experience description? Check out our guide on describing your work experience.

4. List your key skills

As we mentioned earlier, key skills are important to include on your resume. They can show hiring managers where your experience lies and what you can do even outside of your work experience.

Here are some examples of key skills you can include in your resume as a delivery driver:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Knowledge of GPS and Navigation Apps
  • Safe Driving
  • Communication
Tip: You can also include languages and other interpersonal skills as your key skills as well.

There are tons of skills you can list in your resume. We have a guide with 100+ key skills you can include in your resume.

5. Add your education to your resume

To become a delivery driver, you need a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Therefore, it is important to let hiring managers know from the get-go what you have with an education section on your resume.

Here are items to include in your education section:

  • Name of School
  • Time Attended
  • School Location
  • Degree (if applicable)

It is important to have one and to make it look professional.

Here is how you should be listing your education in your resume:

Nova High School

Davie, FL • 2012 — 2016

GPA: 3.4/4.0

Tip: Only include your GPA if it is above average.

Need more helping listing your education? We have a guide that will help you list your education in 2021 with examples and tips.

Key Takeaways

Following our guide, you're well on your way to showcasing your excellence on paper as a delivery driver.

Here's a summary of everything we've covered:

  1. Format your resume like a professional
  2. Write a resume summary that drives hiring managers to your resume
  3. Describe your work experience
  4. List your key skills
  5. Add your education

Good luck out there on the road!

Flor Ana Mireles
Flor Ana Mireles is a writer and editor with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) and a background in English literature, music, marketing, and business. She is also the self-published author of two poetry collections and the lead singer of South Florida rock band Leather and Lace. Flor has experience in social media and getting crafty and artsy. When she is not writing, she's spending time in nature, reading, or listening to music.
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