20+ Key Marketing Skills to List on Your Resume in 2024 (With Examples)

20+ Key Marketing Skills to List on Your Resume in 2024 (With Examples)

Being a marketer requires you to have many skills and proficiencies. In this guide, we will provide you with 20 of the best marketing skills to include on a resume. Plus, we will cover formatting and how to improve your marketing skills!

Written by Ed Moss • Last updated on Apr 30, 2024

Why Should I Include Marketing Skills on My Resume?      

Skills on a resume provide you with a good opportunity to describe what you are good at.

The key when including skills is to ensure they are relevant to the job.

Thus, when you are applying for a marketing job, you should include marketing skills!

Anytime you are crafting a skills section on a resume, it is important to tailor those skills for the job.

You want the skills you are including to be meaningful and impactful for the employer.

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What Are the Best Marketing Skills I Should Add to My Resume?

When choosing your marketing skills, you must divide them into two categories:

  • Soft Skills: These are more abstract and emotionally based. They deal with things such as how you handle stress, your work ethic, and how you interact with other people.
  • Hard Skills: These are more technical and proficiency-based. Hard skills are often more quantifiable. For example, being able to use programming languages is a hard skill.

Including both hard and soft skills on your resume is important.

Employers want to know that you are not only talented but also capable of effective teamwork.

With this in mind, we will now provide you with 20 of the best skills for marketing:

10 Soft Skills for Marketing

Here are 10 of the best soft skills to include on a marketing resume:

  • Creativity: Being an effective marketer takes a heavy dose of creative thinking. You must be able to come up with ideas that will work with specific audiences and strategies.
  • Communication: Good marketing is all about having clear communication with customers. From overall messaging to speaking with customers directly, communication is a key skill.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Marketers often need to work with other departments and professionals. Being able to handle interpersonal relationships professionally is essential.
  • Problem Solving: Marketing can involve a good amount of trial and error. To be a good marketer, you must have a mind for problem-solving.
  • Public Speaking: Marketers give presentations and are active participants in meetings. A strong public speaking ability is a must when applying to marketing positions.
  • Researching: There is a ton of research involved in marketing to keep up with changing trends. Plus, research can double as both a hard and soft skill!
  • Negotiation: Marketers need to be able to negotiate effectively. Negotiation skills are essential when working with clients, business partners, and vendors.
  • Time Management: Most marketing strategies adhere to strict deadlines. The ability for tight time management is a major skill for marketers to include on a resume.
  • Storytelling: A good marketing strategy will take customers on a narrative experience. This helps to carry them through the buyer’s journey! Thus, having a good ability for storytelling is key.
  • Critical Thinking: Critical thinking goes hand in hand with problem-solving for marketing. Many tricky or difficult situations may arise that require you to think critically.  
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10 Hard Skills for Marketing

Here is a list of 10 hard skills commonly sought after in the marketing industry:

  • UX Design: Design has a major role to play in marketing. User experience, or UX, helps create streamlined and intuitive digital experiences for customers. This boosts the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.
  • Audio and Video Production: Video and visual media are highly effective marketing tools. The ability to create video content is very sought-after by marketing companies.
  • Social Media Management: Marketing strategies these days rely on social media platforms. Having the skill for managing social media accounts is foundational.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): An effective marketing strategy will have many moving parts. Having a CMS to help create, manage, and edit content is crucial. For marketers applying to jobs, being well-versed in how to use a CMS is equally important.
  • Email Campaigns: Email is often hailed as one of the most effective marketing tools. As such, marketers should prioritize showcasing their email marketing skills on a resume.
  • Content Writing and Copywriting: Marketing involves a lot – and we mean a LOT – of writing. If you are a trained content writer or copywriter, let the employer know. Highlighting these skills on your resume will be extremely important.
  • Lead Nurturing: Most customers don’t make outright purchases. The relationship with customers needs to be nurtured over time. Having the ability to carry out a lead nurturing strategy is key in marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A good marketer knows the power of search engines. Being trained in the ways of SEO is crucial for marketers looking to enter the digital sector.
  • Data Analytics: Marketing involves lots of data and consumer behavior analytics. Showing off your ability for data analysis can be very helpful when job hunting.
  • Coding Languages (HTML, CSS, etc.): These days, much of the marketing that goes on is digital. By learning coding languages, you give yourself an edge on the competition.

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How Do I Describe My Marketing Skill Levels?

It is important to indicate your level of proficiency on a resume.

There are 3 main levels used to describe a skill:

  1. Expert: You are highly proficient and can easily use the skill in your work without direction.
  2. Intermediate/Proficient: You are moderately experienced. You can apply your skills effectively but may need some supervision.
  3. Novice: You understand the basics of the skill but still need a decent amount of supervision.

Generally, you should try to include only the skills your feel fall into the first two levels.

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How Do I List and Format My Marketing Skills on a Resume?

There are two main ways to list your skills on your resume:

  • In your work experience section
  • In a dedicated skills section

Ideally, you should mention skills both in your work experience section and in a skills section.

By using both methods, you can provide a greater amount of detail.

No matter where you list your skills, it is important to make them as relevant as possible.

You wouldn’t apply to a software development job and list cleaning houses as one of your skills.

The key is to tie your skills back to the job at hand whenever possible.

Here are 2 examples of how to format skills on your resume:

Example 1: Showcasing Your Skills in Your Work Experience Section


Work Experience
Social Media Marketer,
Best Buy
June 2020 – June 2021

Skills: Communication, Social Media Management, Video Production

Why It’s Wrong: When listing your skills in your work experience section, provide detail.

Use your skills as extra information in your descriptions rather than cramming them all into one bullet point.


Work Experience
Social Media Marketer,
Best BuyJune 2020 – June 2021
· Lead weekly social media strategy meetings with the entire marketing department
· Managed all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Created daily content for each platform.
· Produced video and audio content to be featured in marketing campaigns and advertisements.

In this corrected example, the skills have been either used or implied within the descriptions.

This gives the skills more weight because it provides employers with quantifiable evidence.   

Example 2: Creating a Dedicated Marketing Skills Section


· Communication: I am a fantastic listener and am highly capable of effective communication.
· Teamwork: I work well within a team and enjoy collaboration.
· Creativity: I embrace innovation and am constantly brainstorming new ideas.
· Storytelling: I am a talented storyteller and always use compelling language.
· Negotiation: I can negotiate quickly and thoroughly.

Why It’s Wrong: In this example, the applicant only includes soft skills.

Additionally, a dedicated skills section should be as concise as possible.

You do not need to include descriptions for each skill.

If you find a skill is too vague without a description, switch it out for a more direct one.


· Creativity
· Storytelling
· Negotiation
· UX Design
· Email Campaign
· Search Engine Optimization

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What Are Some Things I Can Do to Improve My Marketing Skills

If you find that you do not have many relevant marketing skills, do not fret!

There are many ways to improve and increase your skills.

These include:

  • Certifications and Training Programs: Seeking further education and training is a great way to enhance your marketing skillsets.
  • Personal Projects: Completing a personal marketing project can help both boost your skills and build a portfolio.
  • Internships: Internships are a step below entry-level jobs. They give you a great opportunity to hone your skills in a professional environment.

When applying to marketing jobs, be sure to skim the job description for keywords!

This will help you to identify what specific skills the employer is looking for. 

Final Takeaways

There are many different marketing skills you can include on a resume.

The key is to showcase your best abilities to employers!

Here are 5 key takeaways for listing marketing skills on a resume:

  • List both hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal) skills.
  • Prioritize skills where your skill level is either expert or intermediate.
  • Use both the work experience section to describe skills and a dedicated skills section.
  • Keep the skills section concise – don’t include lengthy descriptions.
  • Never list proficiencies you don’t truly have. This will come back to bite you in the long run!

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