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What is a simple resume?

Don’t underestimate these templates because of the adjective “simple.”

Simple resumes follow a clear, straightforward resume format that draws the recruiter into your experiences.

These templates erase extraneous information and embellishments in order highlight you and your career accomplishments.

Furthermore, because of its versatility, simple resumes work for nearly any industry or job application. 

The types of fonts on a simple resume are classic, demonstrating austerity and improving scannability. This also means that your content is the focal point of the piece, so your resume must be strongly written. 

Tip: Be sure to quantify your experiences (i.e., “Managed a team of 20 employees,” or “Cleaned and refreshed 30 hotel rooms a day to meet and exceed customers’ expectations”).

When to use a simple resume template?

If you're seeking a job in industries such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Consulting

There's a high chance that you need to use a simple resume template.

Individuals with no work experience, like a college student or someone returning to the workforce after a hiatus, can benefit from using a simpler resume template. This is because a simple template design will help emphasize your skills, showing a recruiter what you can do — despite a seeming lack of “experience.”

Additionally, simple resumes are best if you’re applying for an entry-level job or a position in food-service or the retail industry. These templates communicate that you are organized and eager to get started. 

Tip: Since simple templates lack bold colors and flowery fonts, use strong verbs to make your resume stand out. Check out our list of action-packed verbs to get started.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Simple Resume Template

10 important parts of a simple resume format

  1. Limited Color. Simple resumes rely on conservative resume colors such as black, gray, and navy blue. This keeps the focus on the text and prevents the recruiter from being distracted by the design. 
  2. White Space. The resume body is evenly balanced by the white space. Standard margins and clean space keep the sections separate and easily scannable. 
  3. Classic Fonts. The fonts are traditional and legible, improving the resume’s readability. Classic fonts also minimize distractions and lend to the austerity of the resume.  
  4. Smaller Header Instead of making your name and contact information the center of the resume, simple templates keep the reader focused on your work experiences. The smaller header also helps prevent the resume from appearing arrogant or overbearing. 
  5. No Fancy Imagery. Simple resumes forgo stylistic embellishments in order to prevent distractions. This also helps to prevent applicant tracking systems from skipping your resume.
  6. Room for Experiences. The simple resume has few design elements in order to amplify the body of the resume itself. This means your work experience is the focal point, and you should list all relevant certifications and education experiences. This is especially important for students and those entering the workforce. 
  7. Strong Verbs. Since the main focus is on what you’re saying, you need to use strong verbs that convey your abilities. Check out our list of 350+ action verbs to make your resume more effective.  
  8. No Icons. The simple resume template highlights your talents in order to emphasize your competency. This also means that extra touches or flourishes are left out in order to demonstrate your professionalism. 
  9. Equal Sections. Since the simple resume template is designed to underscore your competency, equal space is allotted to your skills, education, and work experiences. This also shows that you are neat and organized.  
  10. Profile Summary. Write a concise summary about your qualifications and how it relates to the position you’re seeking. The professional resume template places this summary at the top so as to catch the attention of the recruiter and entice them into reading the rest of your resume.

Where to download a simple resume template?

Easy Resume offers a variety of simple resume templates suited to all industries and levels of experience.

For more help writing a resume, look no further than our guide on How to Write the Perfect Resume in 2020

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