Best Job Search Websites for Every Industry in 2024

Best Job Search Websites for Every Industry in 2024

Follow our favorite job search and placement website for job seekers in healthcare, technology, startups, finance, and college internships.

Written by Rohit Sahay • Last updated on Apr 30, 2024

Kicking off a job search is important both before and after creating your resume. Researching an industry’s openings can help you identify roles to target. This step can also give you ideas on how to position yourself on your resume. This information, along with looking at relevant resume examples, sets you up to create the best resume possible.

When you’ve created the resume that demonstrates your professional experience and capabilities in the best way possible, you’re ready to start approaching employers that are hiring. There are many places online to connect with those employers and find open positions. We’ve put together our favorite job search and placement websites for job seekers in industries such as healthcare, technology, startups, government, finance, and nonprofit.

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Best job search sites for everyone

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s vital to use these platforms from the very beginning of your journey in finding your next career move.

  • Linkedin - Employers and recruiters love to use the most popular professional social networking site. Linkedin is essential in the early stage of looking for a job. It’s easy to research companies and the people that work there. Linkedin also identifies any mutual connections and allows you to easily reach out to them if you want to find out more and their aggregated job listings are also searchable. Each listing either links to the company website or provides a way to directly apply with your Linkedin profile.
  • Indeed - This is the largest job search engine that exists. Employers pay to get featured on Indeed, so expect to see roles for teams that are seriously hiring. As a job seeker, Indeed is one of the simplest ways to get started looking for a job.
  • Google for Jobs - This is the largest search engine’s way of helping job seekers find open roles by job boards across the internet.
  • Glassdoor - Glassdoor is a great resource when job hunting. Use its platform to search millions of jobs and get the inside scoop on companies with employee reviews, interview questions, salary tools, and more.
  • Jooble - A large international job search engine that aggregates listings from thousands of job boards, corporate, recruiter pages and newspapers in over 71 countries.

Best startup job search sites

Tech job seekers have many job boards and services that they can use to find the right position. Out of the plethora of options, these are the best platforms to find jobs in small, mid, and large sized tech companies in various roles such as Software Engineering, Product Design, Product Management, Marketing, and Business Development.

  • AngelList has the best board to find a job at a startup. AngelList allows you to browse open roles at over 100,000 startups. A nice bonus is that you see equity and salary range data for open roles. AngelList directly connects you to the team with the open position that you’ve selected to apply to.
  • Underdog is more of a matching service. All you have to do is create a profile with your resume, and they’ll directly connect you to tech companies with the most relevant roles.
  • Uncubed works directly with well known employers such as Amazon, Peloton, and IBM and connects job seekers to them through a job board.
  • Startup.Jobs connects jobseekers with startups and companies offering full-time, part-time, internship, and external collaboration jobs.


Best remote job search sites

Some say that the future of work is remote. Now you don’t have to let location be a barrier. The team cultures that hire remote workers are very different from the traditional office-based culture. Out of all the places on the internet, these are the best ways to find both part-time and full-time remote work.

  • We Work Remotely is one of the largest remote work job boards with postings from companies hiring in Programming, Sales, Marketing, Dev Ops, and Customer Support.
  • Remote OK is a similar job board of remote positions primarily in startups and tech.
  • Flex Jobs - While this is a paid platform, Flex Jobs provides job seekers hand-screened and high quality part time and full time jobs. Their plan starts $14.95 per month.

Best medical/healthcare job search sites

  • Health eCareers brings together physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners and physician assistants with healthcare employers and an exclusive network of healthcare associations, helping providers find jobs in every medical specialty.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine - In addition to their reputation for being a quality source for medical journalism, The New England Journal of Medicine has its own career center for physicians and practice providers from both employers and recruiting firms in the field.
  • Practice Link - Helps you Find physician jobs in all specialties nationwide in the Job Bank where you’re able to apply with a single click.
  • NursingJobs - A division of AMN Healthcare, offers a national database of nursing jobs as well in a variety of medical specialties. The site specializes in RN jobs, including permanent, travel, and PRN opportunities.
  • is a comprehensive career center for nurses across the country. It offers a wealth of career resources in addition to job postings for all types of nurses.

Best entry-level and internship job search sites for college students

  • College Recruiter College Recruiter’s goal is to help students and recent grads discover part-time, seasonal, internship, or entry-level jobs
  • WayUp WayUp lists internships and jobs for college students and recent grads from over 20,000 employers such as startups and Fortune 500 companies
  • Zip Recruiter - ZipRecruiter is a large marketplace for employers and job seekers. They get over 10,000 new employers subscribed on their platform every month. They provide information about job openings filtered for college students.

Best finance job search sites

  • eFinancialCareers is a vital resource for finance professionals looking for job opportunities, career information, and insight into the industry. This website has thousands of openings in financial services, investment banking, and fintech across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.
  • OneWire is a career management platform for finance professionals to connect with employers and find jobs.
  • Wall Street Oasis They have a job board that features banking and finance in the United States.

Best government job search sites

  • is The Federal government’s official job list that you can search.
  • Government Jobs is a search engine used to find Federal, city and state jobs at all levels.
  • Department of Labor - The Department of Labor website is a valuable resource to find job opportunities and learn about wages, workers’ rights, and insurance information.

Best retail job search sites

  • National Retail Federation Job Board - Massive isting of job opportunities in various roles in the retail space.
  • Retail Gigs is a platform with global job opportunities in retail. They currently have over 100,000 openings in fashion, retail management, retail sales jobs and other functions.

Best technology job search sites

  • Dice has over 90,000 technology jobs worldwide. Dice works with many top tech companies such as Cisco, Paypall, Dell and more.
  • Crunchboard is the TechCrunch’s job board. One can’t ignore this given that TechCrunch has a team of thought leaders in the tech startup space.
  • iCrunchData is a high quality job board for data jobs in universities and well known companies such as Disney and Microsoft.
  • Stack Overflow Careers is a job board mainly for programmers. Stack Overflow is the ideal place for employers to post job openings for software engineers since it is visited frequently by developers.

Best non-profit job search sites

  • Idealist helps individuals find social-impact opportunities in organizations around the world.
  • Commongood Careers is an experienced national search firm that places managers in nonprofit organizations.
  • Philanthropy News Digest is a job board that provides listings of current full-time job openings at tax-exempt organizations.

Hopefully this helps you find the right job board for your industry. Good luck with the job search!

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