Customer Service Representative Resume Example

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Written by Rohit Sahay • Last updated on May 23, 2020
Customer Service Representative Resume Example
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Customer Service Representative Resume Example

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A customer service representative is a very important team member of a company. This role strongly influences customer satisfaction - a strong reason customers either stay or leave.

Whether you're answering questions about a service or troubleshooting product issues, as a customer service rep, your goal is to keep customers happy.

Let's learn from a customer service resume example that has successfully gotten attention from recruiters for this role.

Customer Service Resume Summary

  1. Mention the number of customers you've dealt with. It's important to let hiring managers know how large of a customer base you've worked with. Customer support at a small company can be very different than a large company.
  2. Describe your top customer service strength. Are you great at collecting customer feedback, or great at organizing customer support issues? Mention those things in your resume summary.
  3. Briefly describe you're looking for. If you're not already experienced in the type of customer support role you're applying to, then include a short and to the point sentence about what role you want to fulfill. Make sure it lines up with the actual job description.

Check out our guide on how to write the perfect resume summary to nail this section, the first thing recruiters and ATS software see.

Lead Customer Support Representative with 5+ years of experience solving 30+ enterprise customer issues and improving overall customer satisfaction at a B2B SaaS comnpany. Exceptional at using enterprise support software to organize the severity and spread of customer issues. Looking to lead a customer support operation at a large B2B firm.

Customer Service Resume Work Experience

  1. Use a reverse-chronological format. List your past customer service experiences in reverse chronological order. Hiring managers want to typically see your most recent experience.
  2. Highlight experiences solving customer service problems. Even if you don't already have customer service experience, there are always ways to show how your recent experiences solve a customer issue. For example, if you currently work as an office manager, you can talk about experiences handling other employees office related issues since they're like your customers in this case.
  3. Use action verbs related to service. The following action verbs help emphasize the achievements you've had in customer service and support:
  • Assisted
  • Trained
  • Guided
  • Handled
  • Lowered
  • Provided
  • Audited
  • Customized
  • Answered
  • Simplified
  • Resolved
  • Furthered
  • Provided
  • Educated
Take a look at our list of over 350 action verbs that you can use on your resume.

Senior Level Work Experience for a Customer Success Lead

  • Lead customer success team at a real estate tech company serving an enterprise customerbase of large commercial real estate leasing firms.
  • Manage a team of 10+ Customer Service Representatives who support 120+ customers with onboarding and special requests to earn more business for the group.
  • Restructured processes to manage customer service requests and improved turnaround time by over 65%.
  • Increased efficiency of collecting and prioritizing customer requests by integrating support workflow software such as Zendesk.
  • Conducted performance evaluations to help team members advance in their job and career.
  • Advise senior management on customer service resolution metrics and customer pain points.
  • Develop, build and maintain customer relationships to maximize retention and ensure their problems are being solved.

Mid Level Work Experience for a Customer Service Representative

  • Assisted 30+ customers per month in making purchase decisions by understanding their storage needs and recommending storage solutions.
  • Welcomed customers in the storage facility and guided them in finding and using their space.
  • Collaborated with other team members to ensure the full customer support lifecycle is 100% covered on a daily basis.
  • Created e-surveys and increased the percentage of customers that give feedback to help calculate the Net Promoter Score and learn about improvements to the service.

Junior Level Work Experience for a Customer Service Representative

  • Directly interacted with 20+ online store customers daily over the phone, email, and chat to keep response time to a minimum in the queue
  • Resolved customer issues by following up on orders and answering product knowledge questions.
  • Assisted with pre-sales and post-sales support including processing returns and changes to orders.
  • Tracked and reported top customer complaints with information about frequency and severity using Excel spreadsheets.

Customer Service Resume Skills

Most customer service professionals have a specific set of people and organizational skills that should be demonstrated in your resume. Use the following list of common customer service rep skills that would make your resume stand out:

  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Managing hard conversations
  • Authenticity
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Professionalism
  • Responding Quickly
  • Managing workload
  • GuidanceTime Management
  • Problem Solving

Customer Service Representative Resume Education Section

According to a results from job search websites for customer service jobs, there are plenty that don't require any education, and some that prefer it. Since customer support is a core function of pretty much every business, you can get started even without a formal college degree, although it won't hurt to have one. However, many larger companies hiring for their customer service department typically require a bachelors degree.

Customer Service certifications can be useful to get training in the function and get your resume noticed more. The Customer Service Institute of America offers training to help members become a Certified Customer Service Manager.

The HDI is also a credible institution that provides certifications in the tech support industry.

If you plan to obtain a certificate to advance your career as a customer service representative, be sure to list certifications on your resume the right way.

Customer Service Representatives Career Overview

Job Outlook

In general, the job outlook for customer service is slowly declining at just 2% year over year with a total number of 2,972,600 jobs (2018). There is a rise in customer success teams at B2B & SaaS product companies.


Working in Client Success, a related and more lucrative customer service career, one can get a salary of up to $94,000 per year (2018).

Data provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics

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