Bookkeeper Resume Example

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Written by Katerina Frye • Last updated on Jul 11, 2020
Bookkeeper Resume Example
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Bookkeeper Resume Example

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Bookkeepers maintain an organization’s financial records. They record the day’s financial transactions, including purchases and sales. Bookkeepers also produce invoices, manage payroll, and maintain the general ledger. 

How to Write a Summary for a Bookkeeper

  1. Mention your previous experience. What other companies have you worked for? Were you part of a related college business organization? Where did you intern?  
  2. Describe your greatest strength. Do you have an eye for detail? A passion for math?
  3. List your certifications. Are you also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or working towards this certification? Are you a Certified Bookkeeper (CB) or Certified Public Bookkeeper (CPB)?

How to List Your Work Experience as a Bookkeeper

  1. Use reverse chronological format. List your most recent jobs first, as this shows managers how you’ve gained experience in the industry. 
  2. Use action verbs related to being a Bookkeeper. Verbs are critical to demonstrating what you can do for the company. Review the following list for some powerful examples.
  • Analyzed
  • Communicated
  • Created
  • Lead
  • Maintained 
  • Managed
  • Oversaw 
  • Performed
  • Prepared
  • Reconciled
  • Recorded
  • Reviewed

See our list of over 350 action verbs to find more.

Senior Level Work Experience as a Bookkeeper

  • Communicated with clients on a regular basis to ensure all day-to-day accounting was being performed timely and accurately
  • Prepared daily, weekly, monthly financial reporting for management
  • Reviewed bookkeeping work of 10 employees and provided feedback to bookkeeping team
  • Recommended best practices to management based on the financial data
  • Prepared monthly invoices 
  • Maintained 300+ customer records
  • Reconciled all balance sheet accounts
  • Prepared monthly reports and journal entries as needed
  • Reconciled and analyzed general ledger accounts consistent with GAAP and corporate accounting policies
  • Lead new billing and invoicing processes 
  • Created new processes which improved financial efficiency by 25%
  • Collated and entered vendor expenses exceeding $50,000 a month
  • Represented X in professional meetings as needed

Junior Level Work Experience as a Bookkeeper

  • Prepared and disseminated monthly customer billing statements
  • Processed customer payments and returns 
  • Reviewed accounts receivable for disconnection and collection
  • Ensured all bills were approved and coded accurately and paid on time
  • Reconciled purchase orders and vendor statements
  • Maintained records for 300 vendors within the QuickBooks software
  • Maintained fixed asset records and depreciation
  • Reviewed work orders for accuracy and timely closing
  • Reconciled general and subsidiary ledger accounts monthly
  • Reviewed transactions for input accuracy and prepared monthly reports and journal entries for month close process
  • Prepared reports as requested for General Manager, Board of Directors and Executive Team, Management, Regulatory Agencies etc.
  • Prepared reports and submitted payments to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and local government reporting requirements
  • Analyzed monthly actual to budget variances and prepared report detailing significant variances 
  • Prepared annual 1099's
  • Assisted senior bookkeepers with the annual budget and audit process
  • Maintained financial and business documents in compliance with Company retention policies
  • Reviewed expense reports for accuracy and proper expense disclosure
  • Performed basic administrative duties as needed, including answering phones and responding to emails about the company’s policies and values
  • Managed payroll for 20 employees using online ADP system

How to List Your Skills as a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers must have an eye for numbers and a mind for math, as well as a sense of integrity regarding the confidentiality of their work. 

  • Detail-Oriented
  • Analysis Skills
  • Integrity 
  • Accounting
  • Communication
  • Spreadsheets
  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Financial Report Writing
  • QuickBooks
  • Accounting Software 
  • Financial Management
  • Organization

How to List Your Education as a Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers don’t require a college degree, though having one certainly improves your starting salary and opportunities for advancement.  Similarly, bookkeepers do not need to be licensed and certified, though most organizations would prefer that you hold at least one certification. 

Requirements for being a bookkeeper vary by state but generally involve the following:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is optional
  • Complete a background check


  • Certified Public Bookkeeper license is the premier accreditation for bookkeepers providing bookkeeping services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. It is accredited by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) and is recognized throughout the U.S.
  • You can find more details about certifications at link

Bookkeeper Career Overview

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Bookkeepers and Auditing Clerks is declining at 4% per year. In 2018 there were 1,707,700 jobs available, though it is estimated that 70,000 jobs will be lost within the next decade.

Average Salary 

Bookkeepers make $41,230 per year on average. However, salaries could be as high as $62,410 depending on experience and locations.

Top Paying Salaries by State

  • $55,970 -- District of Columbia
  • $49,040 -- Massachusetts 
  • $48,950 -- Connecticut

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