Federal Resume Example

Seeking to apply to a federal position, but don't know how to structure your resume? We've got a federal resume guide that will help you match your work experience and skills to a federal position.

Flor Ana Mireles
Written by Flor Ana Mireles • Last updated on Jun 23, 2021
Federal Resume Example
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A federal resume is not your average resume. It does not consist of only one page, and it can look very different for each government employee depending on what they do. It also shows more detail on the jobs you have done than your average resume as well.

In other words, federal resumes are not just proof of your work, but way more than that.

They can include:

  • GS ratings
  • Clearance
  • Citizenship
  • Veteran Status
  • Prior employment salaries
  • Prior employment persons of contact
  • Hours worked per week
  • And much more

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "The federal government offers employment opportunities in a wide range of occupations, agencies, and locations." Therefore, if you're just entering a federal field or have been in one and are now looking to professionalize your federal resume, then you've come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to go over 3 important steps when creating a federal government:

  1. How to format your resume and what to include
  2. How to write a federal resume summary
  3. How to describe your work experience

Note: Now, we are only going into detail on these specific items that should be included in your federal resume, but this is not all you should include on your resume. Like in a regular resume, your federal resume should also include key skills, your education, relevant licenses and certifications, relevant organizations, languages, and more. Ideally, your federal resume should be between 4-6 pages, which means you are covering a lot of detail.

1. Formatting your federal resume

As we keep trying to stress, a federal resume is not your average resume. Therefore, the way you format your resume is critical.

Of course, there are elements you should include that you would in any other resume, like the following:

  • Resume summary
  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Education

However, there are also other elements that are crucial to include:

  • Citizenship
  • Veteran Status
  • Availability

In addition, when structuring your resume, it's important to have the following information on the first page:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Citizen
  • Veteran status
  • Availability
  • Work experience
Tip: If you have space on the first page, try and include your skills, but this is not necessary. In addition, it is okay for your work experience to extend multiple pages.

Now, when it comes to choosing the format of your resume, we recommend to use the reverse-chronological format. In other words, your resume will emphasize your previous work experience in reverse-chronological order from your latest relevant experience to your earliest relevant experience.

Tip: While a federal resume may look different from a regular resume, the most important thing is to keep professional. This will draw recruiters and hiring managers in, increasing your chances of being hired for the position you are applying for.

If you're wanting to learn more information about formatting your resume, we have a  guide that can help.

2. Writing an impressive and professional resume summary

Federal government positions are no joke, and you can show how serious you are about your career to hiring managers and recruiters by getting straight to the point with your resume through a resume summary.

A resume summary is a 1-3 sentence blurb that summarizes the important stuff on your resume, especially what role you play within your federal career. It can also showcase what you are looking for, which shows hiring managers your dedication and responsibility.

Some items to always include in your federal resume summary are the following:

  • Veteran status
  • Years of experience
  • Type of experience
  • Achievements, if applicable
  • Personal characteristics
  • What level of government you've worked in
Tip: Sometimes, it's easier to write your resume summary after you have already written your resume. That way, you can pick and choose what you want to include.

Here's an example of what your resume summary can look like if you were a federal network administrator:

Dependable Veteran network administrator with 8+ years experience and proven skills in data communication and keeping an organization’s computer network up-to-date and operating as intended. Have demonstrated network support at the U.S. Courts in Miami, FL by troubleshooting servers with 50% faster success rates than previous network administrators. Seeking to grow within the U.S. Courts system in Albany, NY.

If you're looking for more help, our guide on writing resume summaries has tons of examples.

3. Describing your work experience

As we've mentioned, your federal resume can be quite a few pages long. However, it is important to begin describing your work experience on the first page.

Tip: Describing your previous work experience using multiple bullet points detailing what you did on the job shows hiring managers and recruiters the kind of experience you have and if it matches what they need for the job you are applying for.

When it comes to describing your work experience on a federal resume, you're going to be including more details than normal.

Here are some things to include when describing your work experience:

  • The company or branch you worked for
  • Job title
  • Dates worked
  • Job location
  • At least 4 job description bullet points
  • Salary
  • Hours worked per week
  • Supervisor and method of contact, if contactable
  • Key achievements
Tip: When listing your work experience, especially since your resume extends multiple pages, be sure to go in reverse-chronological order, showcasing your most recent experience at the top of your work experience section.

Here's an example of what your work experience section can look like for your federal resume:

Network Administrator, U.S. Courts

Miami, FL • January 2014 — May 2021

Salary: $54,547 Hours/Week: 40

Supervisor: Megan Cassanes, 305-291-4122, may contact

  • Assisted in network design and implementation.
  • Provided network support with a variety of operating systems.
  • Installed and configured computer network equipment.
  • Maintained network connectivity of all computer workstations.
  • Provided network support to users.
  • Maintained servers and associated hardware, applications, services, and settings.
  • Developed and monitored policies for the use of network resources.
  • Implemented and managed disaster recovery and back-up.
  • Evaluated and recommended security improvements and system upgrades.
  • Monitored network to ensure optimal performance.
  • Created and maintained network users/permissions.
  • Tested release of products to minimize user impact and ensure compatibility.
  • Created technical support documentation for systems and applications.

Key Achievements:

  • Troubleshot network systems with a 50% faster resolution rate.
  • Prevented 5/5 database hacks over a span of 6 years.
  • Developed a network system to keep data communications private, organized, and easily accessible, which was implemented into other U.S. Courts Systems.

Want more tips and tricks on how to write your work experience description? Check out our guide on describing your work experience.

Key Takeaways

Now, there's much more that goes on your federal resume, but these are definitely the elements you want to include on the first page. When completing your federal resume, be sure it is at least 4-6 pages and contains the following:

  • Resume summary
  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Citizenship
  • Veteran status
  • Availability
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Certifications and licenses, if applicable
  • Languages, if applicable

Here's a recap of the details we went over in this guide:

  1. Format your resume like a professional and be sure to include the aforementioned details
  2. Write an impressive and professional resume summary
  3. Describe your work experience in great detail

Following our guide and making sure to include plenty of detail will help your federal resume get the recognition it deserves. It takes a lot of work to put together this kind of resume, so be sure to give yourself some recognition, too.

Structuring and formatting your resume like this is sure to help you land any federal position you are applying for. Best of luck!

Flor Ana Mireles
Flor Ana Mireles is a writer and editor with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism) and a background in English literature, music, marketing, and business. She is also the self-published author of two poetry collections and the lead singer of South Florida rock band Leather and Lace. Flor has experience in social media and getting crafty and artsy. When she is not writing, she's spending time in nature, reading, or listening to music.
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