Interior Designer Resume Example

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Written by Katerina Frye • Last updated on Mar 16, 2021
Interior Designer Resume Example
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Interior Designer
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Interior Designers

Interior Designers beautify spaces and improve their functionality. They must be able to read, draw, and edit blueprints. They also must be aware of building codes, inspection regulations, and other considerations, such as accessibility standards.

Now let’s check out what it takes to make a stunning resume. 

How to Write a Summary for an Interior Designer

  1. Mention your previous experience. How many firms have you worked for? Are you self-employed?
  2. Describe your greatest strength. Are you an excellent artist? A perfect visionary? 
  3. Quantify your experience. How many clients have you worked with? How expensive were the projects you worked on? How many employees have you managed, or contractors you’ve overseen?

How to List Your Work Experience as an Interior Designer

  1. Use reverse chronological format. List your most recent jobs first, as this shows managers how you’ve gained experience in the industry. 
  2. Use action verbs related to being an Interior Designer. Verbs are critical to demonstrating what you can do for the company. Review the following list for some powerful examples.
  • Assisted
  • Collaborated
  • Created
  • Designed
  • Determined
  • Developed
  • Gathered
  • Managed
  • Oversaw
  • Prepared
  • Researched
  • Reviewed 

See our list of over 350 action verbs to find more.

Senior Level Work Experience as an Interior Designer

  • Undertook design projects from concept to completion
  • Read blueprints and create floor plans and space layouts
  • Researched and decided on materials and products sourcing, including custom upholstery, window treatments, lighting, case goods, rugs, etc.
  • Managed and directed workers for installation, painting, etc.
  • Determined color palettes for beautification and functionality
  • Monitored project schedules and budgets as determined by the client
  • Developed overall design for over 13 projects
  • Oversaw project timelines, deliverables and deadlines
  • Managed project teams to execute all design phases
  • Reviewed and refined sketches, drawings and construction documents
  • Developed and refined mood boards, concept boards and FF&E packages
  • Designed and guided the execution of custom furniture and millwork
  • Developed and lead key client presentations
  • Reviewed all deliverables for quality control
  • Gathered pricing and lead times for furnishings, fixtures, and materials
  • Prepared quotes and estimates for clients
  • Tracked task completion and work with procurement to track order logistics
  • Negotiated contracts with both employees and clients
  • Designed layout of rooms and buildings, taking into account safety codes and regulations

Junior Level Work Experience as an Interior Designer

  • Scheduled client appointments
  • Organized and updated showroom products and answered customer inquiries
  • Met with product vendors and discussed pricing
  • Maintained showroom appearance
  • Researched vendors and maintained catalogue of materials, vendors, and contractors for future work
  • Prepared hand sketches and computer-generated renderings for internal design review
  • Assisted in the creation of specification packages and custom furniture drawings
  • Tracked orders and ensured accurate and prompt deliveries 
  • Corresponded with vendors for multiple client projects
  • Assisted with the production of construction drawing sets, in coordination with the Senior Interior Designer and Project Architect.
  • Designed layout of rooms and buildings, taking into account safety codes and regulations
  • Assisted in making design selections within budget, including but not limited to fabric, tile, paint, lighting, hardware, etc.
  • Gathered pricing and lead times for furnishings, fixtures, and materials
  • Prepared quotes and estimates for clients
  • Prepared visually pleasing documentation for clients to review selections
  • Assisted in design preparations
  • Coordinated color and material palettes

How to List Your Skills as an Interior Designer

Interior Designers need to be artistic and people-oriented. Check out some of the skills below for an idea of what to include on your resume.

  • Artistic Ability 
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Visualization 
  • Creativity 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft and Excel
  • Ability to Read and Edit Blueprints

How to List Your Education as an Interior Designer

Interior Designers generally require a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Only some states require Interior Designers to be licensed in order to work, such as Louisiana, Florida, Nevada, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. You can find more details about certifications at this link

Requirements vary by state but generally involve the following:

Interior Designer Career Overview

Job Outlook

The job outlook for Interior Designers is growing at 4% per year, which is considered average. In 2018 there were 75,400 jobs available.

Average Salary 

Interior Designers make $56,040 per year on average. However, salaries could be as high as $96,470 depending on experience, location, and certifications. 

Top Paying Salaries by State

  • $73,190 -- Rhode Island
  • $71,250 -- Arizona
  • $70,920 -- California

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