3D Animator Resume Example

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Katerina Frye
Written by Katerina Frye • Last updated on May 11, 2021
3D Animator Resume Example
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3D Animator
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3D Animators design characters and backdrops for games and films. They bring life to drawings by making them move, interact, and speak with others in their environment. 

 How to Write a Summary for a 3D Animator

  1. Mention your previous experience. Have you done freelance work? Were you involved in an animation club at college? Did you intern anywhere?
  2. Describe your greatest strength. Do you excel in creating videos, games, still images, or interactive graphics? Do you have a specific style, such as anime?
  3. Explain what you’re eager to accomplish in the next stage of your career. Are you looking to create short films, or games? Where does your passion lie?

How to List Your Work Experience as a 3D Animator

  1. Use reverse chronological format. List your most recent jobs first, as this shows managers how you’ve gained experience in the industry. 
  2. Use action verbs related to being a 3D Animator. Verbs are critical to demonstrating what you can do for the company. Review the following list for some powerful examples.
  • Animated
  • Created
  • Designed
  • Developed 
  • Directed
  • Executed
  • Implemented
  • Managed
  • Organized
  • Outlined
  • Presented 
  • Sketched

See our list of over 350 action verbs to find more.

Senior Level Work Experience as a 3D Animator

  • Developed character and game ideas through sketches and illustrations, including the prototype for Temple Run  
  • Resolved technical and creative problems while working with concept and animation to create high quality assets
  • Designed highly-detailed, fully-textured polygonal models in Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, or 3D Max
  • Created production-ready, polygonal models with photo-real textures, based on CAD geometry
  • Built tools and plugins with scripting languages like Python and C+is a plus that improved animation fluidity by 15%
  • Sculpted 17 high-resolution characters, including animals and human characters
  • Organized, scheduled, and managed the art team's daily activities, including a staff of 15 animators
  • Mentored the character team through verbal and written feedback to ensure high-quality assets and brand consistency
  • Communicated the visual design and development of the characters through art specifications, style guides and reference material
  • Presented deliverables to clients during monthly meetings

Junior Level Work Experience as a 3D Animator

  • Created 40 3D characters and environments for promotional videos of 7 mobile games
  • Rigged and created blendshapes for character models
  • Designed dynamic action movements by leveraging knowledge of physics and human mechanics
  • Defined and revealed various personality traits and emotional states of different game characters through their movements and styles
  • Used imagination, judgment, skill and experience to design stylish animations that tell a clear story within cinematic animation pieces
  • Incorporated feedback from the Director of Production, Creative Director, and the design team into project edits
  • Collaborated and brainstormed with the creative team and Video Production team on animation productions ideas
  • Worked with lighting artists and video editors to test out animations in a game engine
  • Managed 3D animation assets files
  • Reviewed technology upgrades to ensure compatibility with existing and future requirements

How to List Your Skills as a 3D Animator

Animators need to have strong artistic skills, both on the computer and on paper. Additionally, animators need to be able to communicate with their peers, clients, and bosses.  

  • Artistic Talent
  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Creativity 
  • Computer Software Skills
Tip: Be specific about your computer software skills. Do you know Adobe Creative Suite? Animaker? Blender? K-3D? Also note your modeling, lighting, and movement abilities in character creation.

How to List Your Education as a 3D Animator

3D Animators generally require a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, computer graphics, animation, interactive media or game design. Many professionals enhance their skills through self-study, hobbies, and freelance work. 

Requirements for licensure vary by state but generally involve the following:

  • Education 
  • Strong portfolio
  • Complete a background check

3D Animator Career Overview

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have numbers for 3D Animators, but instead categorizes this profession under Multimedia Artists and Animators. The statistics quoted will be from this broader category.

The job outlook for Multimedia Artists and Animators is growing at 4% per year, which is considered average. In 2019 there were 67,500 jobs available.

Average Salary 

Animators make $75,270 per year on average. However, salaries could be as high as $139,940 depending on experience, industry, and location. 

The top-paying industries for animators are: Motion Picture and Video Industries, Software Publishers, Computer Systems Design and Related Services, Advertising & PR
  • Motion picture and video industries, averaging $86,270 per year
  • Software publishers, $80,290

Top Paying Salaries by State

  • $105,770 -- Connecticut
  • $100,670 -- California
  • $99,080 -- District of Columbia 

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