Child Psychologist Resume Example

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Written by Ed Moss • Last updated on Nov 06, 2020
Child Psychologist Resume Example
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Child Psychologist Resume Example

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How to Write a Summary for a Child Psychologist

  1. Include your goals. Your summary is a great opportunity to demonstrate the job you hope to have in the future and show your passions.
  2. Mention years of experience. Even if you haven't been in the industry for a decade, still include how many years you've been in this career. Your potential employer will be able to put your experience in perspective.
If you're struggling to write your own summary, check out our foolproof article on how to write resume summaries.

How to List Your Work Experience as a Child Psychologist

  1. Use reverse chronological order. Though you might think to use chronological order, reverse chronological order is more effective. By opening your resume with your most recent job, you start off strong, showing the hiring manager how far you've come in your career.
  2. Use action verbs. Use your vocabulary to your advantage here! Use active verbs and specific jobs to show all that you've done thus far. Did you conduct? Counsel? Record? Use verbs to create imagery of the work you did at previous jobs.

List of action verbs for child psychologists

  • Provided
  • Responded
  • Diagnosed
  • Accessed
  • Partnered
  • Collaborated
  • Led
  • Supported
  • Documented
  • Counseled
  • Assisted
  • Acted
  • Responded
  • Performed
  • Demonstrated
  • Implemented
  • Conducted
  • Established
  • Educated
  • Facilitated
  • Intervened
  • Referred
  • Collected

See our list of over 350 action verbs to find more.

Senior Level Work Experience as a Child Psychologist

  • Assisted in training and onboarding more than thirty new employees
  • Provided one-hour therapy sessions to multiple families and their children
  • Conducted and recorded psychological evaluations for children through age 18
  • Worked with other psychologists in order to provide exceptional patient care
  • Supervised training interns
  • Recorded and maintained client records and information
  • Completed patient logs in relation to their appointments

Junior Level Work Experience as a Child Psychologist

  • Collaborated with parents and local school staff to discuss psychological education services in the public school system
  • Screened and evaluated students and their mental health
  • Worked with various psychologists to discuss treatment plans
  • Counseled individuals on various topics, including but not limited to those struggling with living conditions, relationships, stress, and grief
  • Worked to bring mental health education to nearby schools

How to List Your Skills as a Child Psychologist

  1. Include soft skills. Employers want to know who you are as a persona and why you're a good psychologist. Do you have a great deal of empathy? Are you a good listener? Include these characteristics/skills!
  2. Mention areas of expertise. Stand out on your resume by including areas you excel in. In this case, Megan included her background in childhood development, early childhood education, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.

For more skills to use on your resume, check out our list of 100+ Key Skills for Resume Writing.

How to List Your Education as a Child Psychologist

Child psychologists usually need to have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Early Childhood Development, Behavioral Health, etc. You will also need to earn a Master's degree and a PhD or PsyD.

  1. Include all degrees and education. Considering the seriousness of child psychology, your potential employer will want to feel confident that you have all the necessary education. Include where you earned your degrees from, what your specialty was in, and when you attended.
  2. Mention honors. Including notable honors or special distinctions will always work in your favor. You'll be sure to stand out to the hiring manager.

Child Psychologist Career Overview

Job Outlook

From 2019-2020, it is predicted the job outlook will increase by 3% which is the average rate of growth.

Average Salary

In 2019, the median pay for psychologists was $80,370 per year or $38.64 per hour.

Top Paying Salaries by State  

  • $108,350--California
  • $103,870--Oregon
  • $98,470--New Jersey
  • $94,550--Hawaii
  • $94,140--New York

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