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Ed Moss
Written by Ed Moss • Last updated on Mar 16, 2021
Cashier Resume Example
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Cashier Resume Writing Advice

Let's cover the most important sections of a Cashier resume.

  • Resume Summary Section
  • Work Experience Section
  • Interests & Hobbies Section
  • Skills & Expertise Section

How do you write a great Cashier resume?

As a Cashier, you are essentially the face of your company and are responsible for providing excellent service to the customers that enter the store daily. Cashiers are responsible for processing each customer’s order quickly, accurately, and efficiently while ensuring complete customer satisfaction through prompt and friendly service. As a Cashier, customers looks to you to handle their payments, and assist them by answering questions and resolving any complaints. A Cashier has up-to-date knowledge of weekly ad items, offers customers direction of store products and ensures that checkout areas are maintained in a clean condition at all times.

What is a great Cashier resume summary example?

The resume summary or objective is the section that draws the most attention on your resume. It's where you need to prove in the fewest words possible that you're qualified to do the job, and you're up for the new challenge. It's important to tailor your resume summary to the job. Here's an example:

Experienced cashier ready to grow into management positions. Highly personable, charming, strong work ethics and always put customers first.

Read our guide on how to write the perfect resume summary to learn how to nail this section.

What work experiences should you include on your resume?

Here are some ideas on writing about your experiences and responsibilities as a Cashier on your resume depending on the level of experience you have.

Tip: Create a Strong Work Experience Section - It's important to include action verbs and quantify results. Use this list of over 350 resume action verbs as a guide to craft the most effective bullet points.

Junior level work experience for Cashier

  • Provided exceptional customer service including actively greeting customers.
  • Helped sales desk with product returns and returning merchandise to stock as necessary or requested.
  • Maintained clean and orderly checkout areas.
  • Supported and promoted special sale items and other promotional campaigns.
  • Validated customer purchase by checking product against receipt to ensure accuracy as customers exit the store.
  • Retrieved and stocked carts.

Mid level work experience for Cashier

  • Responsible for providing our customers with a warm and friendly environment and the highest level of customer service.
  • Greeted all customers, operate the cash register, and accurately record all sales.
  • Assisted in merchandising, such as stocking, pricing, keeping the store neat, clean, and organized and may be required to cook and prepare food in a safe and proper manner.
  • Maintained orderly appearance of check out area
  • Communicated customer concerns and request to management.
  • Properly verified age of any customer buying age restricted products.
  • Processed all customer sales transactions, tendering cash, credit, and open account information according to policy.• Verified cash balances at the beginning and end of each shift.

Senior level work experience for Cashier

  • Ensured each customer receives outstanding service by greeting and acknowledging everyone, inquiring if any assistance is needed, listening to the needs of customers, maintaining solid product knowledge, and thanking them for shopping.
  • Maintained friendly and respectful decorum at all times toward customers, co-workers, vendors and all others.
  • Arrived to work station on time, appropriately groomed, dressed, and ready to work; worked all scheduled shifts and attend required trainings and meetings.
  • Periodically walked store to ensure awareness of promotional and sales items as well as weekly advertisements, and new produce items.
  • Ensured accurate and efficient operation of the register; including cash management of the drawer throughout their shift, correct distribution of change and ensuring debit and credit are processed properly.
Tip: List Licenses & Certifications Correctly - Make sure to list any licenses or certifications on your resume in the right section for the best chance to win the interview.

Relevant interests & hobbies & skills & expertise

This resume section is a good opportunity to highlight specific skills relevant for a Cashier job. Be sure to review the job requirements and adjust your skills accordingly. Take a look at the example Cashier below.

Related Interests & Hobbies for a Cashier

  • Writing & Playing Music
  • Ceramic Sculpting
  • Homebrewing
  • Photography
  • Fly Fishing

Related Skills & Expertise for a Cashier

  • Inventory Management
  • Store Operations
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Stocking & Supplying
  • Customer Service
  • POS Systems
  • Record Keeping
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