Alex Dripchak

Alex Dripchak

Career Writer

Alex Dripchak is the Co-Founder of Commence, the Workforce Preparatory Academy to help college students develop the social, professional and financial skills they’ll need to be successful in their career. Alex is also a Senior Advisor & Relationship Manager at perennial #1 HR Consulting Firm, Mercer, and a former Regional Sales Manager & Applications Sales Manager in HR Software at Oracle. Alex is a self-described continuous learning nerd, bad photographer food blogger, cognitively dissonant traveler and Boston College Eagle alum & life-long, soul-battered fan.


    10 Ways to Improve Your Networking Skills

    Alex Dripchak
    February 1, 2021

    Mastering the ability to network can be the secret recipe for your long-term career success years beyond 2021. Follow these methods to effectively improve your networking skills.

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